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Jan 19, 2013 4:00pm PST
the visitor experience? >> guests get to actually go into the world of gru, which we're very, very excited about, and as you can see from the lines, they're loving it. but we've re-created a dimensional environment where you can enter with gru and margo, edith, and agnes, and, of course, fabulous minions. >> what's a minion? >> it's like a little yellow thing that helps gru with his lab and stuff. >> and the best part is, you are turned into a minion. we take our guests and we transform you into minions. >> it's so cool. i want to be one. >> gru has a new event that he wants to create, and you're here to help him do that. and, of course, you go through the training -- the girls take you through the training. >> you're now in the minion training grounds. >> whoa! whoa! >> this is where we test your strength, speed, and ability to not die. >> it's a wild, wild experience, but it's great because it's an entire family experience. >> look out, minions! don't get fly-swatted! >> it was awesome! i loved it. >> what'd you like about it? >> i love the minions. they're my favorite. >> how was the ri
Jan 19, 2013 2:30pm PST
popular character. i think they're all pretty popular. but of course gru during the parade goes over 20 feet up in the air. so, he might be the tallest and largest character in our parade. >> here's one character from my childhood i've always wanted to meet. hey, spongebob, how's life in bikini bottom? can i have a high five? >> that's spongebob! >> there's spongebob! >> how does it compare to past parades here? >> this parade is different because we make two show stops that have interactive moments with the guests. the parade floats themselves are very different, as we have lots of animatronic, moving pieces on our floats, which is very different than any other parade that we've done in the past. >> throughout the day, you'll see people dancing with some of the characters. can you show me a few moves? and the outdoor fun doesn't stop here, right, lauren? >> that's right, nicole. at night, more stars come out -- movie stars. >> houston, we have a problem. >> this is universal's cinematic spectacular, "100 years of movie memories." >> the show talks about 100 years of heroes, 100 years o
Jan 23, 2013 11:00am PST
and other terrorist grubs gru groups in the region. i conferred with the president of libya, the foreign ministers and prime minister ministers of tunisia and morocco two weeks later after the attack. i met with a very large group of regional leaders at the u.n. and was part of a special meeting focused on mali and the sahel. in october i flew to algeria to discuss the fight against aqim. in november i sent deputy secretary bill byrnes on an interagency group to algiers to continue that conversation. and in my stead he co-chaired the global counterterrorism forum held in abu dhabi and meeting in tunis working on building new democracies and reforming security services. these are just a few of the constant diplomatic engagements that we are having, focused on targeting al qaeda's syndicate of terror, closing safe havens, cutting off finances, countering their extremist ideology, slowing the flow of new recruits. we continue to hunt the terrorists responsible for the attacks in benghazi, and are determined to bring them to justice and we're using our diplomatic and economic tools to suppor
FOX News
Jan 26, 2013 12:00am PST
it a wonder descrug with to side affects. >> the media likes using the word under grued which is why are doing this story. >> this is the avenue of research and the only way to improve people's lives is by testing substances and not calling them legal or illegal. >> i agree with you. >> why are we having this discussion? >> talking about drugs or immigrants? >> lug drugs. >> awful man. author, you can't tell me if you can stay awake or live on two hours of sleep, that can't be good for you physically. it can't. >> look at you you. >> thank you. on the other happened it means a higher rate for us of let's do this. >> lauren, it is cute you call your doctor your farm -- pharmacist. it is a cute name. thanks for ruining it. >> 2012 campaign reporter swooned. when you were you can taying about a supporter talking about the bush administration did you meat john ashcroft and you you let the eagle war? >> i operate on 13% of information. if i get the whole thing right it is cool. >> you could get that up to 14 and 15%. >> i am going to wait for further research. >> anybody want to sing a few bars? >>
Jan 3, 2013 4:00pm PST
the united states of the united states? >> the congress was sworn n it's a diverse gru. there are 81 women in the house and a record number of female senators, 20. age taijing the oath of office, the first hindu member, first butdist senator and first openly gay senator. republicans still control the house but with a smaller majority. democrats built on majority by picking up two seats, john baner had a rough couple weeks and face challenges but today, it's a dramatic nail biter. he was reelected speaker. in an emotional address he had words for the new members. 7'&re feeling >> and advice. >> maybe this is time we get awe struck, again. >> the bitter partisanship will not eend it's like walking into the dinner party where the couple is already in the middle of a fight. >> the cuts will have to be dealt within just two months and the government could hit the debt ceiling. it would make the last couple weeks look like peace and harmony in comparison. >> and there are now 20 female senators, most ever in u.s. histry. diane sawyer sits down of 19 of them for an interview tonight at 5:30. >> s
Jan 5, 2013 7:00pm EST
, alternatively, we feel like we're in charge of the fate on the road. , you know, yes with grued drivers, avoid accidents, and 85% of the people in the hospital recovered from accidents they, themselves, caused and rated themselves as better than average drivers. that's going on. the fact is it's not the same all over the world, and it's not the same all over america. we have a rate where 14 americans out of a hundred are dying every year. in fact, if our entire country were to share new york city's accident rate, we would save 24,000 lives a year. there's a big difference between urban living and suburban or rural living in terms of that aspect of our lives. again, the short term, we can build places -- in the long term, build places to be safer, but long term, live in urban environment. dick jackson asked the question in chai environment, what city are you likely to die in a pool of blood? that's how he puts it to the audience, and they compared murder by strangers, crime to car crashes and added the two together, and portland, vancouver, and seattle, and all three places, 15% safer in the in
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)